Chaplain's Message


Thank God, it is Summertime!!


In the past number of months, we, as a united community in our United States have experienced a number of significant celebrations in our respective faiths and our secular community. And from those all-inspiring events we emerge as a people with renewed energy, understanding and faith, in our creator and in our country. 

We are truly a Thanksgiving people. We must always remember that. This great country and the people who make up this country are truly one people with the same pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. We give thanks to our Creator God who has led us through turmoil and disorder to peace and order. We give thanks for the brave, ambitious and industrious people who have bound together and succeeded in making this country what it is and continue to pursue those seemingly evasive virtues of fulfillment.

As we celebrate the 4th of July and the independence and sovereignty of our country, we give thanksgiving to our Holy of Holies because we can worship as we choose in our nation. We thank our Creator in whatever wonderful name we address Him and give thanksgiving for our freedom to pursue faith, hope, love, life, liberty and happiness. May we continue to be a blessed people as we stand as one nation under God. 

Our summer activities are usually centered around getting away and experiencing peace. Peace, is usually what we seek during the summer months because we slow down and let go. Peace seeking and finding order and a deeper meaning in ordinary things and our lives. It doesn’t come automatically; we have seek the gift of peace, we only comes from our loving God.

We must remember that we are a Eucharistic people; a Thanksgiving people. Summer is not a time to forget that and not be a worshiping, praising and thanksgiving child of God. It is only with, in and through God that we find and experience true peace.

Have a Blessed and Peace filled summer.

Blessings, Dcn. Dub