Chaplain's Message


June 2019


My sisters in Christ,

As we move into the month of June and complete our festive Easter season with the Celebration Of Pentecost, we are directed to Mother Church’s dedication of the month of June to The Sacred Heart of Jesus. The beginning of the month falls within the liturgical season of Easter, which is represented by the liturgical color white — the color of light, a symbol of joy, purity and innocence. The remainder of the month falls within the liturgical season of Ordinary Time, which is represented by the liturgical color green. This symbol of hope and eternity arouses in us, the faithful, the hope of eternal life and the hope of a glorious resurrection. This hope is used in the offices and Masses of Ordinary Time. The last portion of the liturgical year represents the time of our pilgrimage to heaven during which we see Jesus show us how to live our lives and reap this eternal reward.

My sisters, as we begin to feel the warmth of summer, let us reflect on what the Sacred Heart of Jesus really means to us. God is Love and the Sacred Heart of Jesus — present on earth in the Blessed Sacrament — is the human manifestation of God's Love for us. As a result, June is considered the month for weddings where human hearts join and cooperate with the Creator in bringing forth new life. The family that is created is a human reflection of the Blessed Trinity and Godly love.

Like the lush June growth all around us, the green of the liturgical season points to the new life won for us by the Redemption of Jesus Christ, the new life of Charity (love). Our Lord came to cast the fire of His love on the earth, and to that end, sent His Holy Spirit at Pentecost in the form of tongues of fire.

Ordinary Time, however, is not ordinary at all.  Ordinary comes from the Latin word ordo which means order or number.  Ordinary time is special in which we “go out to all the world and tell the good news.” The month of June highlights this expansion of the Church. We are called, to be witnesses, like the apostles before us. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus inflame our hearts so that we may be worthy of our Baptismal call to holiness. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. Sacred Heart of Jesus, we believe in you. 

Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Oh Lord Jesus Christ, to Your most Sacred Heart I confide this intention {name petition}. Only look upon me, then do what Your love inspires. Let Your Sacred Heart decide. I count on You. I trust in You. I throw myself on Your mercy. Lord Jesus, You will not fail me.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I believe in Your love for me. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your kingdom come. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I have asked You for many favors, but I earnestly implore this one. Take it, place it in Your open Heart.

When the Eternal Father looks upon it, He will see it covered with Your Precious Blood. It will be no longer my prayer, but Yours, Jesus. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You. Let me not be disappointed. Amen.

Blessing, Dcn. Dub