Chaplain's Message


January 2020 Chaplain’s Corner

Another new year — 2020! There was a time in my life when this date seemed so far in the future. Isn’t It amazing how those dates start to pile up and the years fly by? I have reached a point in my life where measuring one’s life by the years and dates is not as significant as measuring life through the living of life itself.

I recall reading somewhere, “The world around us asks, ‘What does a person own?’ But God asks, ‘How does a person use what he or she has been given?’” This month of January is a month filled with reminders of holiness — the official end of the Christmas season; the Epiphany of our Lord; the Baptism of the Lord; and the return to Ordinary Time, which, as we know, is anything but “ordinary”.

At Epiphany we hear, “Then they opened their treasures and offered him gifts” (Matthew 2:11), a reference to the Magi and their visit to the Christ Child. The image of the Magi kneeling before the infant Jesus and opening their gifts for Him is one we should all try to follow. Each of us is called to open our gifts before Jesus and offer Him what He needs. We do that by giving our giftedness to those among us who are in need. In that way we become Christ to others as Jesus is Christ to us.

God has given us so much. What do we give back to the Body of Christ in return?

Making resolutions is common at this time of year. We all know those are temporary at best. However, we can make one that lasts. The Lord calls us to follow Him, to be His Image and Likeness. Let us resolve to try to do that better — all of us, me included. That does not mean we have to leave our work and our families behind, but we do need to serve Jesus by serving others. That should be our first resolution. 

In “The Theology of the Hammer”, Habitat for Humanity co-founder Millard Fuller wrote, “The only truly safe investment one can make in life is what is given away.” 

That should be our real resolution — to give ourselves to the Lord. May we all do a better job of that in 2020. 

Peace and Blessings,

Dcn. Dub