Chaplain's Message

Summertime Peace


For most of us, summer brings back wonderful memories of the “good ol' summertime.” With that phrase, we can let our imagination take over and soar like a bird to the precious times and places and moments of our past under the clear blue skies of this time of the year. These are wonderful times with wonderful memories, but most of all, they are memories and experiences we had during those times.  But, if we really think about it, when all is said and done, it’s the quality of relationships and the people we met which is the most important. I once read: “People will often forget the words you used, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” How true that is.

Does that ring a bell for you? A close friend, a relative, a neighbor, or even a stranger can touch you deeply without words. Sometimes they speak with their eyes, through their body language, and how they walked with you in difficult times. If the bell is ringing, maybe now is the time, during these beautiful days of summer and vacations, to revisit those special moments.

It is important to we remember that “remembering” has a goal. The goal usually is to discover and relish the experience of peace. Peace, is usually what we seek during the summer months when things slow down and we get the chance to decompress (if you will). Peace is not just a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s much deeper than that. It’s seeking and finding deeper meaning in ordinary things and people in life. It doesn’t come automatically; we have to have a strategy, a plan, even a method. To find and unlock the gift of peace, we actually need a master key.

The master key is Jesus, who always gives His peace, even to the disciples when he appeared in the locked upper room. 

The “master” key is learning to listen with the ear of your heart. It’s a special way of listening. It means listening with our hearts that have been well used, dented, scarred, healed, expanded with joy or cut deeply with sorrow. It’s listening from that place deep within us where the Spirit has touched us, embraced us, and challenged us in the past. When we truly listen from that place, unspoken words come to the surface, and we can look into the eyes of the person in front of us and our surroundings and truly SEE (have a Significant Emotional Event).  When that happens, something clicks. It’s the sound of someone or something opening to new hope. That’s truly an embrace. That is the power of peace.

Have a Blessed and Peace filled summer.